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The use of “gay” as a derogatory term should not be tolerated in our schools

06/01/2015 10:38

Stonewall’s latest campaign to raise awareness about the use of the word “gay” in schools is long overdue.  Reactions such as Brendan...

A Classical Response to Russia's LGBT Laws

04/09/2013 13:14

By now there can not be many in the community that have not heard about, voiced an opinion on or signed up to various positions and statements about the new LGBT...

Gay Rights, the early days (or not so early)

22/09/2012 14:50

If you were to ask your average person in the street when it became legal to be gay in the Uk, I think you would get quite a wide variety of answers. However I think...

Gay Passport International Supports It Gets Better

20/05/2012 15:21

Over the next few months we at Gay Passport International want to show our support to a few causes that are out there and make you aware of their facebook, twitter...

A step forward for Africa

18/05/2012 19:31

From a continent, whose reputation on gay rights has hardly been good, news has come today of a ray of hope. President Joyce Banda has announced that she wishes...

Christian B & B refuses Gay stay.

24/01/2011 16:52

Gay couple Steven Preddy and Martyn Hall have won a discrimination case against a Christian-run BB for not being allowed to share a double bed. A Bristol County...

Hundreds of kissing Gays, welcome the Pope to Barcelona

29/11/2010 14:40

Dozens of gay couples staged a kissing protest in Barcelona as Pope Benedict drove past.  The protest took place as Pope Benedict drove through Barcelona onboard...

The Trevor Project - It Gets Better

26/10/2010 13:54

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton posted a video on YouTube on Tuesday. But her message wasn't intended for heads of state, diplomats or monarchs. It was for...

FCKH8 - Straight talk on gay marriage!

19/10/2010 13:16

US activists want to know – what’s the fucking problem with gay marriage anyway? Queers and friends across the US have loaded up the f-bombs for some straight tal...

Violence at 2nd Serbian Gay Pride

11/10/2010 11:56

Police have clashed with hundreds of anti-gay protesters at Serbia's second ever Gay Pride march. Over 140 policemen and civilians were wounded in the violence...

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